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Extrasynthese – producing reference substances for academia and industry

A little-known, but key component in the process of making cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products and more are chemical compounds called phytochemicals, especially when produced in their purest form, when they are called reference substances or standards. French-based company Extrasynthese is a leader in this field. A vast range of the purest herbal substances Extrasynthese creates […]

Should all doctors be able to perform ultrasounds

Are ultrasound probes going to be more widespread?

A debate is currently on the table in France, some experts think that general practitioners should have access to ultrasound probes in their office. Of course not everyone agrees and several arguments are given on both sides. Let’s do a quick summary of what is going on. Establish a diagnosis more easily The major argument […]

Groupe EREN’s technological innovations herald a new dawn for energy efficiency!

  Renewable energy has been with us for quite some time now. As this sector expands, the focus on renewables is moving towards how to improve efficiencies in energy generation and storage. The Groupe EREN and its subsidiaries are key players in this field. Renewable energy development lies at the heart of EREN Renewable Energy’s […]