What is AddUp Solutions?

Addup Solutions

As the world of industry and manufacturing is becoming ever more competitive, many sectors are increasingly turning to new generation 3D printing machines. This for quality, flexibility, efficiency, and cost-saving processes. AddUp solutions is here to help them achieve their ambitious goals. AddUp Solution : a french company Inspired by the famous legacy of French […]

Les lieux où organiser un séminaire sur Lyon


Foyer d’une économie florissante, Lyon offre de multiples possibilités pour les évènements professionnels. Vous trouverez ici un guide pour cette recherche d’un lieu unique correspondant à vos besoins. Nous vous aidons à choisir entre le confort d’une salle de réunion citadine ou le cadre exceptionnel d’un château. Définir le lieu idéal d’évènementiel professionnel Pour trouver […]

Software that’s changing the insurance sector

code lines displayed on a screen

Digitisation is at the heart of every change in every industry. Companies are coming with new softwares and apps every day. those are an opportunity to grow your business in the insurance sector. And also a great way to make your clients happy ! Discover how softwares are changing the insurance sector for the better. […]

Visual inspection made better: Visioprobe

men working in an industrial company

Visual inspection is a key component of many industries these days, from the agri-food, petrochemicals and energy sectors to security, aeronautics and cosmetics. French company Visioprobe specializes in this hi-tech field, marketing its products to 15 countries all over the world. The next generation of pan tilt cameras The pan tilt camera for visual inspection […]

Total: a group working on the future of the oil industry

deep offshore hydrocarbon resources

As we all know, oil is not a renewable energy and its resources on earth are limited. That is why we need to be extra careful when using it and constantly looking for more. It is also important to keep on innovating to find ways to extract oil in more energy-saving and cost-saving ways. That […]

Authentication and identity management: a challenge for companies

Working on computers needs to be safe for the employee and the company

All companies that have an IT system must face a lot of challenges regarding cybersecurity and many other issues. Some problems can be solved with authentication and identity management. In this article, we will explain what this is and how it helps to create a better and safer IT system for companies. Identity and access […]

Extrasynthese – producing reference substances for academia and industry

A little-known, but key component in the process of making cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products and more are chemical compounds called phytochemicals, especially when produced in their purest form, when they are called reference substances or standards. French-based company Extrasynthese is a leader in this field. A vast range of the purest herbal substances Extrasynthese creates […]

Are ultrasound probes going to be more widespread?

Should all doctors be able to perform ultrasounds

A debate is currently on the table in France, some experts think that general practitioners should have access to ultrasound probes in their office. Of course not everyone agrees and several arguments are given on both sides. Let’s do a quick summary of what is going on. Establish a diagnosis more easily The major argument […]

The American School of Paris – education to meet the challenges of a globalized world!

Education is about meetings of minds as well as academia, and at the American School of Paris children from the ages of 3 to 18 have multiple opportunities to do just that. Located in a beautiful suburb of the global hub of the arts that is the French capital, Paris, this school offers both US […]

Electronic warfare training courses designed to tackle an uncertain world

The world is rapidly changing and political, economic and military orders that once seemed set in stone are increasingly fluid. In the context of this new environment, the high-level expertise of the DCI Group, which is closely associated with the French armed forces, is proving immensely valuable to friendly companies and militaries. This is especially […]