The American School of Paris – education to meet the challenges of a globalized world!

Education is about meetings of minds as well as academia, and at the American School of Paris children from the ages of 3 to 18 have multiple opportunities to do just that. Located in a beautiful suburb of the global hub of the arts that is the French capital, Paris, this school offers both US and international programs of learning (International baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, American High School Diploma) to students drawn from 53 different nationalities. Furthermore, it has an outstanding academic track record that speaks for itself: its IB pass rate has been 100% for every year of the last twelve.

In addition to offering first-class teaching from highly-experienced and gifted staff, the American School of Paris’ very distinctive ethos will act as a great preparation for students entering an ever-more competitive, globalized workplace. Confidence, critical thinking and initiative-taking are all cornerstones of the well-rounded education that the school seeks to deliver.

Another ingredient in the school’s success is its emphasis on personalized teaching. This is implemented from Lower School onwards and extends to support for children with special learning needs.


Modern technology: at the heart of the American School of Paris

Technology is crucial to today’s society, and the CIS-accredited American School of Paris recognizes this, interweaving technology into the fabric of school life from the earliest opportunity. This can be seen in everything from:

  • The Lower School’s Science Learning Space
  • Discovery, Media and Computer Labs
  • The Upper School Design and Technology course, covering website building, app programming, game design, 3-D modelling and more

Students also have their own iPads, netbook computers or MacBook Airs, depending on their grade.

Of course, like any good school, the American School of Paris also offers a huge selection of sporting and extra-curricular activities. The sports program includes staples like soccer, baseball, softball and track, but also rugby, golf and cross country running, to name but a few! Outside the sporting arena, the school offers after-school activities to fire its students’ imagination and help them develop skills that will serve them well in later life. These include music, the arts and theater and even a Model United Nations program!


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