Electrical cad software by IGE-XAO : everything the modern electrical engineer needs!

Electrical design software plays a crucial role in more industries than you might think…

Electricity powers today’s world, but have you ever thought about how it’s managed ‘behind the scenes’? The answer to this question lies in electrical cad software solutions created by companies like IGE-XAO, which is based in France but licenses its products to firms all over the world.

Electrical CAD, also known as electrical design software enables engineers to quickly draw up electrical installation plans that are safe and efficient. The best electrical cad software packages also offer other features and can be used in the fields of not just electrical design, but also:

  • System design
  • Electrical manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Data management
  • Simulation

Industries where electrical cad software is commonly used span a wide range of fields. Notable amongst these are transportation (rail, aerospace, shipbuilding and the automobile industry), automation and plant, the construction industry, the energy sector, and equipment and machinery for heavy industry.



The car industry is a major user of IGE-XAO’s products

Much electrical design software centres around the creation of cabling and wiring diagrams and electrical wire harness design. As a result, packages like the SEE System Design and SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing solutions are widely used all over the world. In fact, IGE-XAO has sold over 83,000 licences globally. The firm’s global reach is backed up by its international network of partners and subsidiaries spread over no fewer than 29 countries and 6 continents. More information on the additional services offered by the company may be found on the relevant pages of the IGE-XAO website – these include support, downloadable tutorials and documentation, educational resources and training services.


IGE-XAO offers on-site and online training courses

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