Electronic warfare training courses designed to tackle an uncertain world

The world is rapidly changing and political, economic and military orders that once seemed set in stone are increasingly fluid. In the context of this new environment, the high-level expertise of the DCI Group, which is closely associated with the French armed forces, is proving immensely valuable to friendly companies and militaries. This is especially so in the field of electronic warfare training. The group has joined forces with specialists from a number of major defense firms such as MBDA, Thales and Lacroix to devise courses in this critical area. These training programs have a strong operational focus, are regularly reviewed in the light of developments in the field and are particularly relevant to military aviation operators. DCI has past experience in this sphere, encompassing the delivery of training to French officers and NCOs, as well as military personnel from a range of friendly nations all over the globe, including in the following regions:

  • Southeast Asia
  • North Africa
  • South America
  • The Middle East


Facing down the cyber threat – DCI Group!

Military threats these days don’t always involve guns, warplanes and missiles. Sometimes they target critical IT infrastructure through hacking and cyber attacks. That’s why DCI Group’s know-how in cyber defense consulting is much sought after around the world. DCI Group aims to provide allied countries with the best in training using a range of realistic scenarios and models. In the longer-term, it can facilitate clients’ development of their own operational cyber defense solutions with the help of expert cyberdefense consultancy services which will cover everything from preliminary studies through to supplier selection, project management and operational deployment. Key to this whole effort is the BattleLab platform. This can model concepts and run simulations in order to develop better approaches to responding to existing and developing cyber warfare threats. DCI Group boasts on the ground representation in several Middle Eastern countries, Malaysia, Singapore and India.


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