Groupe EREN’s technological innovations herald a new dawn for energy efficiency!


Renewable energy has been with us for quite some time now. As this sector expands, the focus on renewables is moving towards how to improve efficiencies in energy generation and storage. The Groupe EREN and its subsidiaries are key players in this field. Renewable energy development lies at the heart of EREN Renewable Energy’s activities, and in turn, technology is at the centre of how the Groupe EREN strives to deliver this energy to its end users in as efficient a way as possible.


EREN RE is an IPP renewable. IPPs, Independent Power Producers, are non-state entities which generate power for the use of industry and domestic customers. This firm is headquartered in Paris, but operates power generating projects all over the world.

Last year, power plants operated and maintained by EREN RE produced 476 GWh. These plants are made up of a mixture of photovoltaic solar projects, hydroelectric schemes and wind farms. Most are to be found in Greece, Israel, France and Italy. However, EREN Renewable Energy is looking towards developing economies for the next stage in its journey. It is currently investigating many different sites in various parts of Africa, central and south-east Asia, south and central America and Australasia. In total, there is 450MW’s worth of installed capacity or projects in development and over 1500MW capacity at earlier stages of development. These new projects are mostly based in areas which have very good energy generating potential, this being a key plank of the company’s drive for greater natural resource efficiency. Also feeding into this approach are the firm’s human capital, both on the ground and in Europe, its ability to raise significant funds (over 600 million euros in shareholders’ equity) and its long-term business model. Last but not least, EREN RE’s ongoing research and development programs are key to its success.

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