Software that’s changing the insurance sector

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Digitisation is at the heart of every change in every industry. Companies are coming with new softwares and apps every day. those are an opportunity to grow your business in the insurance sector. And also a great way to make your clients happy ! Discover how softwares are changing the insurance sector for the better.

The impact of mobile apps on the insured – and the insurer

There seems to be an app for just about everything these days! Even the insurance sector is not immune from this trend. For the insured, there are obvious benefits in being able to have instant access – on the move – to reimbursements and other personal data. Not to mention the facility to lodge claims wherever they are!

As far as the industry is concerned, it quickly spotted the potential apps have to build customer loyalty, reduce claims and deal with applications and requests more efficiently and more rapidly. Additionally, apps represent another sales channel for a whole range of products, as well as another convenient means of renewing clients’ memberships or subscriptions, so they can really propel sales growth too.

Softwares focused on user experience: a key factor for your growth

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Mobile technology is also the cornerstone of on-site healthcare provider assessment. So it is a great cost containment tool and a way of boosting customer satisfaction by enabling clients to give their input and feel that they are being listened to. Insurers can audit different KPIs and assess various criteria on the healthcare provider’s premises whilst being fully plugged into the core system – even offline. At the same time, they’ll have access to all relevant records, workflows, escalations and communications. Clients, meanwhile, get to play their part in making this tool even more effective. Patient surveys are a great to improve your business. And the results of which can be stored on the solution itself.

Digitisation and claims management system solutions

Managing claims submissions is at the heart of the health insurance business. So, when digitisation is able to create specific claims management system solutions which deliver far more accurate – and rapid – claim processing compared to unautomated systems, we should really be sitting up and taking notice. Different aspects combine to create potent packages that are capable of making substantial savings for insurers, like:

  • rules-based engines,
  • MSMQ messaging,
  • scalable architecture,
  • responsive design.

Even better, these solutions apply to the whole life-cycle, from eligibility right through to payment, rather than just the adjudication stage.

Digitisation also plays a huge part in beefing up the war against fraud. Another key plank in claims management. This is essentially done through the careful use of Big Data. This concept makes it possible to move to an automated risk management approach.

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