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article directories

For all article writers and non writers out there it is time to dig up your creative writing skills. Information based web marketing has become one of the most effective techniques to drive targeted traffic to your website. For this reason article writing and submission to article directories has become so popular.

New writers should avoid these common mistakes before they submit their articles to article directories:

1. Confusing the reason to promote your articles with the reason you should write your articles. You need to promote your articles for branding, lead generation, and for the promotion of your site. However the most important reason to write the article is to inform your audience. If your article fails to reach this goal it will also fail to achieve the promotional benefits because no one will be interested in reading your article. If visitors do not take the time to read the article then nobody will click on your resource box.

2. Failing to make the most of the promotional opportunity of article marketing. Quality articles can produce additional links back to your website. But how can you maximize the effect of the traffic? Strategic use of keywords and keyword phrases within the body of the article can make a big difference in how your articles are used by publishers. If a prominent site with a huge audience publishes your new article it could be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of readers each day. This may well result in a substantial revenue stream.
3. Publishing content that is not helpful for your readers. If you write articles just to generate links but you fail to satisfy the need of the reader you are wasting your time. In fact if your article does not succeed to deliver the message promised in the title, most article directories will not even accept your article. You can easily double or triple your results if you publish content that your readers are interested in.
Article directories may reject your content for poor spelling or improper grammar. So if writing is not your strongpoint you should consider outsourcing your article writing needs to a professional service. You will get much better results if you can direct your articles to a targeted audience. Be sure to submit your article to a category that is relative to the content you have written about. Readers are more prone to continue reading your article to the very end if the content is of interest to them.

In summary, write for your readers, promote your articles, and be sure your article content is helpful and informative.

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