Visual inspection made better: Visioprobe

Visual inspection is a key component of many industries these days, from the agri-food, petrochemicals and energy sectors to security, aeronautics and cosmetics. French company Visioprobe specializes in this hi-tech field, marketing its products to 15 countries all over the world.

The next generation of pan tilt cameras

The pan tilt camera for visual inspection has been around for a while now, but Visioprobe has taken the basic concept and designed a product that can cope with some of the harshest environments known to man. Housed in a stainless steel shell, this 45 mm diameter model is radiation tolerant and waterproof up to 2 bars. It also comes in a lightweight (400g) aluminium version. It can be used to check weld integrity and corrosion in pipelines and tanks, but also to inspect key nuclear power generation environments such as heat exchangers, fuel pools and condensers. Its waterproof capabilities enable it to operate on offshore wind farms, oil and gas installations and dams. An annual maintenance contract and temporary replacement option if your camera is out of action for more than 48 hours help keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Visual inspection you can depend on

A remote visual inspection camera is of little use if it is unable to get into the right position to record images, or if the quality of those images is poor. Visioprobe have solved both those issues with a range of accessories that will enable you to get close-ups in even the most inaccessible spots, using a camera that can capture images from very close contact to infinity. There’s a whole selection of telescopic poles and reel-mounted push rods and cables to get the camera to where it needs to be. A water board can be used in muddy or wet environments and an LED centring device will ensure even the darkest spots are bright as day. The camera control unit’s 4 hour battery life, manual focus and real-time image sharing capability make further crucial contributions to this tool’s operational effectiveness.

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