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The American School of Paris – education to meet the challenges of a globalized world!

Education is about meetings of minds as well as academia, and at the American School of Paris children from the ages of 3 to 18 have multiple opportunities to do just that. Located in a beautiful suburb of the global hub of the arts that is the French capital, Paris, this school offers both US […]

webmarketing benefits

Web marketing benefits

Web-based technologies can enhance and expand your marketing department by giving you the tools to increase your customer base, reduce customer service costs, and build a personal communication line to your customers. Web marketing solutions deliver a wide range of benefits: Expanding Your Market — Creating a Web site or Web marketing campaign can expand […]

online marketing

Internet Marketing Services

How Can Internet Marketing Help? Internet Marketing Services are not just a smart choice these days, they are an essential choice for your business! In simple terms, if you don’t take advantage of internet marketing, your competitors surely will. With domain names and web hosting being very cheap, there is no reason any business shouldn’t […]


Why the webmarketing ?

The marketing landscape has changed… have you been left behind? Did you know that almost all consumers (a whopping 97%) now use online media when they are doing research for products or services? If you think only young people are using social media, video and online marketing, you are dead wrong. Almost all of the […]

webmarketing mistakes

3 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Local Business

I am still perplexed today when I sit with a local business owner to examine small business marketing possibilities and I hear responses like “We don`t worry too much about the website, it`s just the internet.” Because I always do my market research before hand and I know that a lot of people are looking […]

article directories

Submiting articles to article directories

For all article writers and non writers out there it is time to dig up your creative writing skills. Information based web marketing has become one of the most effective techniques to drive targeted traffic to your website. For this reason article writing and submission to article directories has become so popular. New writers should […]