What is AddUp Solutions?

As the world of industry and manufacturing is becoming ever more competitive, many sectors are increasingly turning to new generation 3D printing machines. This for quality, flexibility, efficiency, and cost-saving processes. AddUp solutions is here to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

AddUp Solution : a french company

Inspired by the famous legacy of French tire manufacturer Michelin, one of the first companies to use additive manufacturing to produce its serial parts, AddUp Solutions offers the best of metal 3D printing techniques to various industrial actors. It has also inherited the know-how of Fives, a group with more than two centuries of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial machines. Thanks to the vision of these two important French industrial groups, AddUp is now a major player in metal additive manufacturing.

Leader of 3D printing machine

AddUp Solutions provides different types of 3D printing machines, one of them being the PBF additive manufacturing machine for metal 3D printing needs. Laser Powdered Bed Fusion machines are best known for their advanced technological stage and are complementary to other important high-end machines in the 3D printing sector. They can be used with the many different powders on the market and are very flexible to adapt to a great number of manufacturing designs. AddUp produces and uses them as well in its own production facilities. This gives the company a unique dual perspective and understanding of the needs of industry sectors.

As soon as you have decided to integrate a 3D printing process to your everyday activities, AddUp Solutions and its expert are with you every step of the way. With bespoke support solutions that include consulting, training, creating of specific manufacturing formulas, and installation of your PBF additive manufacturing machine among other things, AddUp is here to help your reach your highest potential.

Safety at work

Safety is also a priority for AddUp Solutions. Their operators are protected at all times thanks to various safety components as protection against electrostatic discharge and hermetic enclosures. The company’s safety recommendations are among the most stringent as well. PPE, efficient cleaning procedures, good ventilation systems, all are implemented and checked regularly.

Trust is the most important aspect of a successful business partnership. AddUp is a dependable, objective, and adaptable partner who values openness and innovation. Its services, programmes and partnerships, training academy, and numerous other offerings demonstrate its commitment to a wide range of industries. It has adapted solutions for the medical and energy sectors, as well as for luxury and transportation, to name a few. These are areas where French know-how has always played an important role. AddUp Solutions continues this tradition.

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