3 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Local Business

webmarketing mistakes

I am still perplexed today when I sit with a local business owner to examine small business marketing possibilities and I hear responses like “We don`t worry too much about the website, it`s just the internet.” Because I always do my market research before hand and I know that a lot of people are looking for them in their local market, but their website is nowhere near page 1 of Google. Yet local business owners all over North America keep making the same 3 internet marketing mistakes.

My research always concludes that the business website is of poor design, that it is not optimized for the services or the location, and that in most cases the pages have direction or call to action. As well, business information is most time hard to find and confined to the contact page. One fatal flaw of most business online marketing plan is that it most often delegated to family members, office staff or friends who claim to have some knowledge of the internet and website creation. This is a recipe for failure..

To have successful internet marketing campaign avoid these three local business website killing mistakes.

1. Basic Website Design

Really Bad Websiet DesignYour online presence is as important as your physical location and should create it with the same attention that you did for everything else you bought or had made for your business.

Hire a professional website designer and not a graphic designer. Although some graphic designers do create most of them do not understand the importance of a website design that works both ecstatically and practically. Websites must look good, but it’s more important to be search engine friendly and easy to navigate for users.

2. Not Understanding Website Optimization

Understanding website optimization is understanding what your prospects are looking for and instructing the search engines to match your content with your clients. Search engines can’t guess where you are located and what services you offer. You have to give very specific instructions to the search engine to allow them to declare your website “on topic” and deliver that “on topic” content to users searching for it.

A few talented website designers have had some training in engine optimization it is still the best practice to seek a professional whose sole mission is to provide your website with the best chances to rank at a high level in your local marker. Professionals know what it takes to outrank your competition in your local market and help you show up in Google local and natural results for where your prospects are looking for you.

3. Not Giving Direction.

Telling your prospects what to do next is extremely important. Your prospects have landed on your website while looking for an answer to a problem. Don’t make them guess what steps to take next. Tell them! Make it clear you want them to call, or fill your opt in form. Make sure your phone number and address is on every page. Offer coupons or free gifts in exchange for their email address. Build your list and create relationships.

The internet is now the preferred method people use to get product and service information. People demand to see local shops online as they make buying decisions. If you are not online or you have a poor or amateurish website, people will leave and go down the list and try your competitor.

Spend the same money and attention to your website as you would your business’ storefront, property or stationary. It is your image online and having a professional image can increase your revenues and grow your business.

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